What are the goals of digital marketing?

What are the goals of digital marketing?

The objectives of digital marketing are specific and as with traditional marketing, it is to sell .
Digital marketing is a world that brings together various methods that use digital tools with the aim of achieving specific and, if possible, measurable objectives.
In a digital strategy, the customer is put at the heart of it.
The digital marketing strategy consists of several actions that help companies achieve their goals through online marketing.
Really, a strategy is simply an action plan that will allow your company to achieve one or more objectives that you have defined beforehand.
Objectives of a business
Quantitative objectives of a company
Marketing objectives
Characteristics of digital marketing
Digital strategy objectives
Increase notoriety
Increase turnover
Improve loyalty
Attract new customers
Conclusion: Setting your company's digital marketing objectives is important

Objectives of a businesses 

The purpose of a company is above all to achieve its economic objectives by producing goods or by offering its various services.
The digital presence of a company therefore allows it to disseminate its values ​​and share its vision with a greater number of new potential customers.

Quantitative objectives of a company

The quantitative objectives of a company reflect a measurable result to be achieved by it by a given date.
Unlike qualitative objectives which are more complex to determined by a number and are therefore difficult to measure.
The SMART method , well known by the way, makes it possible to describe specific, measurable, realistic,
achievable and time-bound objectives.
They must be expressed clearly and their results must be achievable.
S pecific and Simple: The objective must be simple and specific
M easurable: The objective must be quantified
A ccording and Ambitious: The objective must be set in agreement with those concerned. It must be motivating (ambitious).
R ealistic: The goal must be achievable.
Timed : The objective must be timed.

Marketing objectives

Marketing is used to define and analyze the needs of consumers in order to build up a clientele and then to retain it while satisfying it.

Characteristics of digital marketing

  • Duration of impact: The techniques used by digital marketing have an unlimited presence online.
  • Segmentation: It will allow the company to have a more established idea of ​​what customers are looking for and establish the best approach.
  • Purchase intent: Using SEO, the level of conversions increases because users are looking for a solution to a problem that your business can solve. They are already potential customers from their research.

Digital strategy objectives

Implementing a digital strategy will allow your company to get closer to the planned objectives of your action plan.
This means that you must have defined clear and determined objectives upstream. You can achieve different goals through a digital strategy :

Increase notoriety

The basic goal of a digital strategy is to improve its notoriety.
There are different methods used to make themselves known and obtain greater visibility.
To do this, there are several possible actions including the management of social networks :
  • Online advertisements
  • Creation of informative content
  • A presence built on social networks
If you put these different actions in place, you will increase traffic to your website, your blog or your e-commerce site.
This growing and constant flow will not only allow you to inform your prospects about your activity, your services, generate new customers, but it will also allow you to be better referenced by Google and other search engines.
Increasing your online visibility is good but it is not enough because even if you have attracted prospects who are interested in what you offer, you have to capture them and sell them your product or service and then build their loyalty.

Increase turnover

Another objective of a digital strategy is the increase in sales because it is associated with the increase in profit.
You will be able to increase your turnover thanks to your digital strategy and the notoriety you have achieved.
For example in:
  • attracting qualified traffic to your site
  • using emailing for Internet users who are already identified
  • by converting traffic to your website into leads
Majority of investments are for online advertisements in order to attract.
Unfortunately there are few to convert when it is the primary goal.

Improve loyalty

To retain your current customers, you can write content that will be dedicated to them, they will feel privileged in front of your prospects (method of enchantment). You can also create specific and exclusive offers that they can receive by emailing or via sms.
It is more profitable for a business to retain a customer it already has than to obtain a new one.
The objective of communication with the customer will allow him to have a good experience and this will help to maintain contact while continuing to gain trust.

Attract new customers

This strategy will help your company explore new avenues or new channels to improve the number of conversations.
Offers and discounts are good actions to achieve this and attract new customers while improving the return on investment

Conclusion: Setting your company's digital marketing objectives is important

Each action carried out in marketing increases the ROI thanks to the profitability obtained. To do this, you must not only focus on the results, but you must anticipate the potential risks and put in place measures that will positively influence your ROI.
All the aforementioned objectives are the main objectives of digital marketing actions. These actions can be implemented on the web but they must be defined beforehand and they must be adapted correctly to the needs of your company in order to be able to achieve them.
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